For the distribution of short-form video content on YouTube, the company launched YouTube Shorts. In the YouTube app, now you will find Shorts in place of the YouTube Trending section. So in this post, we will cover, What is YouTube shorts? How to use, create and upload YouTube shorts? How to earn from the YouTube shorts? In addition, we also look at alternatives to YouTube Shorts.

TikTok competitor YouTube Shorts is now available widely.

After the ban of the TikTok app, in India, Instagram and YouTube have taken advantage of that and provided users with a short-form video platform. YouTube Launched YouTube Shorts, and Instagram comes up with Instagram Reels feature.

What is YouTube Shorts?

Beta version of YouTube Shorts available in India. YouTube Shorts allows users to create and upload short videos. Users can create 15 seconds short videos on Youtube Shorts like TikTok. The YouTube shorts are available in three places: the explore tab, the creator’s channel, and the Youtube Shorts section. Use #shorts in your short Title and the Description. So people can find your Shorts.

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Requirements for the YouTube Shorts

For YouTube shorts, YouTube has set some criteria. If your video meets these criteria, viewers can watch your shorts in the shorts section.

  • The dimension of the Video should be vertical in 9/16 format.
  • The maximum length of YT shorts is 59 seconds, and the minimum is 15 seconds.
  • Use #shorts in your short Title and the Description.

How to Create/Use YouTube Shorts?

Follow the below steps to create YouTube shorts:

  • Open the YouTube application.
  • Click on the Plus(+) icon.
  • Tap on Create a Short.

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After you have created your shorts, you can edit them. Some in-built editing features are available for shorts. For Example, You can add music and change the video speed, etc. Additionally, YouTube may add text overlays, filters, and captions feature in upcoming YouTube Shorts updates.

How to Upload Youtube Shorts?

After completing in-app editing(mentioned in the upper paragraph), click on the Next button. Afterwards, add a title, description, thumbnail, and some other details. After that, click on the Upload button. Done!!

How to Upload YouTube Shorts by PC/Laptop?

That’s pretty simple. For Example, To make a short video, I record it on my Android mobile, then edit it on KineMaster and FilmoraGo apps, transfer it to my laptop, and then upload it on Youtube.

  • Record a short video using a mobile device.
  • Edit YT shorts with the help of the KineMaster and FilmoraGo types applications.
  • Transfer it to a Laptop and PC.
  • Then open
  • Select your video and wait until the upload is finished.
  • Don’t forget to add a Title, Description, and Thumbnail.
  • Done !!

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My YouTube Short Video:

Benefits/Advantages of YouTube Short

  1. Get more views.
  2. Increase subscribers.
  3. The monetization benefit is not clear right now.
  4. Watch Time benefit is also not clear now.

We will update you when we get more information regarding these.

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How to Viral YouTube Shorts?

  • Create a YT Short related to your Channel Niche.
  • Use tags for more reach.
  • Add Title and Description in Video.
  • Use #short tag in your Title and Description.
  • Consistency is the King of Success.

How to Turn off YouTube Shorts?

No, You can’t turn off/disable/hide YouTube shorts. YouTube promotes the shorts massively. So with the official YouTube application, it is not possible. But you can use the older version of the YouTube application to get rid of these.

Additionally, you can also use YouTube Vanced for this solution.

How to Remove YouTube Shorts on Vanced Application?

  • Open the YouTube Vanced App.
  • Goto setting>Vanced setting.
  • Open ad Setting.
  • Scroll down and turn on short self.
  • Restart the app and done.

Note: Although YouTube Vanced is no longer available, you can still use this method with alternative YouTube Vanced apps.

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How to Download YouTube Shorts video?

  • Open the YouTube Application.
  • Click on the Share button.
  • Then click on the copy link.
  • After that, open this website:
  • Paste the link and click on the search button.
  • After that, You can download a short video in your desired format.
You-Tube Shorts Downloader Website


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Can YouTube Shorts be Monetized?

No. At present, Shorts are not monetizable. It’s best for creators to focus on other rewards, such as more views and subscribers.

How to Upload YouTube Shorts from PC?

As you upload your normal video. If it matches the YT Shorts criteria then it automatically features in YT Shorts.

What is YouTube Shorts Release Date?

Shorts launched in India in September 2020.