You have to see ads on YouTube that interrupt your video viewership experience. In this article, we will learn how to remove YouTube ads. So you can watch ad-free YouTube videos.

YouTube Ad Blocker

YouTube is a video-sharing platform, and it’s also known as the second-largest search engine. You can find valuable information on YouTube on every topic. But you have to watch ads.

YouTube creators generate revenue through ads. For content creators, it is an excellent money-making platform besides knowledge sharing. Before removing YouTube ads, think about content creators who share helpful information with you.

YouTube 5 UnSkippable Ads

YouTube is now testing 5 Unskippable ads. Many users on Social Media have reported that they see 5 unskippable ads on YouTube.

8 Methods: YouTube AD Blocker

Say no to YouTube ADs with our 8 ways to block YouTube ads.

1. URL Rewriting Trick

If you watch YouTube videos in desktop mode, use the URL Rewriting trick to remove YouTube ads. Using URL Rewriting Trick, we have 2 ways to remove YouTube ads.

Trick 1:

  1. Open YouTube for any video.
  2. Then insert the dot symbol after the .com

For example

You can also get rid of website ads by using this trick. A Reddit user found this trick to remove YouTube ads.

Trick 2:

  1. Firstly, play any video that you want to watch.
  2. Then add the dash symbol(-) between the Yout-ube.

For example

You can use any trick in desktop mode.

2. Use Brave Browser to Block YouTube ADs

Brave is a fast, secure and private web browser with in-built AdBlock. Using Brave, you can read articles and watch videos without ad interruption. Brave has many features, all of which you can read here. You can use Brave on both iOS and Android.  

Brave remove youtube ads

3. ViewPure

  • Firstly, go to the ViewPure website.
  • Enter the YouTube URL of the video.
  • Then click on Purify button.

4. Extensions to Block YouTube ADs

Some Extensions and Add-ons also can block ads and trackers. Extensions like Skip Ad can disable YouTube ads. You can also use the SponsorBlock extension.

5. YouTube Vanced App

Youtube Vanced is a modded version of the official youtube app. It has a built-in adblocker feature that can disable youtube ads.

6. YouTube Premium

If you want to try a legit way to block ads on YouTube, then you can try this method. It is also known as YouTube Red. Youtube Premium features are below:

  • Ad-Free Videos
  • YouTube Music Premium
  • YouTube Originals
  • Offline Payback
  • Background Play

7. Blokada: Block YouTube ADs

I think you remember the Blokada Application. We already have a post on the Blokada application. I also mention in that post, that covering all features of Blokada in one post is not possible.

As Blokada officially describes in his community post, google uses encryption and randomly generated hosts to serve the ads. So it makes it challenging to block youtube ads. But Blokada can decrease the number of advertisements on YouTube.

Follow the below steps to block YouTube Ads through Blokada:

  1. Firstly, download the Blokada Application on your device. You can find the download steps in our previous post.
  2. After installation, opens it.
  3. Then go to the Advanced tab.
  4. Click on Goodbye Ads under the Blocklists.
  5. Then select Youtube.
  6. Come back and scroll down.
  7. Click on The Block List Project.
  8. Choose YouTube.

Now go back and start using YouTube. After this setting, you will see fewer amount of ads.

8. NewPipe App

NewPipe is an android application similar to the YouTube Vanced app. You can download videos, watch ad-free videos, Background play, and much more for free.


These are our 8 methods to block YouTube ADs. If you know any method besides these methods then share it with us.

You have reached the end! I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you did, please take a moment to leave a nice little comment down below. I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Thank you very much for reading and enjoy your day!