YouTube is a platform where you can watch and upload videos. It is the most popular video hosting site. You can earn revenue by uploading videos on YouTube. Today in this post, we learn how you can open a YouTube channel and make money.

youtube channel and make money

How to Create a YouTube Channel

  1. Visit and click the “sign-in” button.
  2. Then go to your profile icon and click on Create a Channel.
  3. On the next screen, you will see two options to set the YouTube channel name. You can choose anyone. If you select the second option, you can customize the name of your YouTube Channel according to your preference.
  4. Entering the channel name on YouTube creates a separate Google account by that name. Your Google account is linked to the new account.
  5. Congratulations!! You have your own YouTube channel now.

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How to Make Money from YouTube

You can easily make money with your YouTube channel. Here are some tips you can use to generate income from YouTube.

Monetize Your YouTube Channel

You can make money by monetizing your YouTube videos.

  1. Go to the YouTube website.
  2. Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose YouTube Studio.
  4. Click on the Monetisation button in the left menu.
  5. If you are eligible for monetization, then move to the next step.
  6. Then apply for monetization and Accept the YouTube monetization agreement.
  7. After that, select the YouTube Channel to monetize and follow further instructions.

YouTube channel monetization requirements are 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours for watch time within the last 12 months.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a popular way on YouTube to make money. The link can be placed in the description of your video. When a viewer clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission. For Ex; check below video description box:


Look at well-known YouTubers on the web who are successful. Let’s take the example of Technical Guruji. Videos on his YouTube channel are almost always a mixture of sponsorship and advertisement.

You will get more sponsors if you grow your channel. The YouTube sponsorship is a collaboration between a brand and a YouTube creator. Companies pay you money to advertise their products and services in your videos.

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Sell your Products and Courses

It is another way to make money from YouTube. If you run a YouTube channel, then you can sell your products and courses. For example, Pewdiepie sells merchandise on its official website.

Many people who love your work will purchase your merchandise if you have successfully branded yourself and earned their loyalty.

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Live Stream Super Chats

By using Super Chat, viewers can make their comments more visible. Their comments will stay highlighted and pinned to the top of the live chat stream for a certain period of time, based on how much they pay.

Read the eligibility requirements, availability, and policies relating to Super Chat and Super Stickers from here.

Note: Super Chats are non Refundable.

It is a better way to support content creators. A lot of YouTubers participate in super chats to encourage other content creators on YouTube.

Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, is famous for Donations and Super Chats. He is an American YouTuber, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Several months earlier, the same thing happened in India. YouTubers from India were receiving high amounts of super chats. A Random Guy did all those super chats, but he became an overnight sensation when his video went viral.

Take a look at his video.

After that video, Mr. Random also upload some donations and super chats videos on his YouTube Channel.

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Wrap Up

YouTube is a great social media platform to make money. But you can’t make money easily from YouTube Channel. You have to do lots of hard work.

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