Recently, YouTube Vanced announced that it is discontinuing the YouTube Vanced application for legal reasons. While users can still use their pre-installed YouTube Vanced app, they won’t receive any future updates. Along with YouTube Premium features, YouTube Vanced gives an ad-free experience. Due to the shutdown of the Vanced application, users are looking for YouTube Vanced alternatives. Here are the best YouTube Vanced alternatives apps for Android and iOS devices.

NewPipe – No.1 Alternative for YouTube Vanced

NewPipe application is an alternative to YouTube Vanced. YouTube client NewPipe is free and open-source and does not need access to YouTube’s APIs or Google’s framework libraries. NewPipe does not rely on Google Mobile Services (GMS) to work. Therefore you can use this app on Huawei devices as well. There is no need for a Google Account to access the NewPipe application.

This app provides the same features as YouTube Vanced. You can watch ad-free videos, save YouTube videos to your device, play videos in the background, and more with the NewPipe app.

The NewPipe app is not available on the PlayStore or the AppStore. You can download this application from the NewPipe official website or the F-Droid App Market.

uYouPlus – YouTube Vanced Alternative for iOS

If you’re looking for YouTube Vanced alternative for iOS then you can use uYouPlus application. You can use this application without jailbreaking your iPhone. It’s a modified version of uYou additional features such as SponsorBlock integration, PiP integration, and VP9 codec.

You can download the uYouPlus later version form here and for the installation guide, you can check out the installation wiki.

Brave Browser

Brave is a chromium-based open-source web browser. Its in-built ad blocker also blocks YouTube ads. With Brave, you can enjoy ad-free YouTube videos. Brave is easy to use and available for all platforms. The Brave browser is the best alternative to YouTube Vanced.

Alternatives to YouTube: Last Words

These are some of the best YouTube Vanced alternatives. Make sure you try at least one of them.

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