When someone sends you a fraudulent email on your Gmail box, those emails contain the IP address from which the sender is sending you such emails. Once you find the IP address, then you can locate that IP address using various tools. Through this post, We will learn how to find the email IP address.

Many websites on the internet collect your information and sell those data to third-party sites to generate revenue. When you signup on to these types of sites using your Gmail. They sold your Gmail to third-party sites, and your email box will fill up with all sorts of emails like Promotional, Prize-Winning, Email-Marketing, Promotional Content Etc.

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Let’s see how you can find the IP address of the Email sender.

How to get IP Address from Email

  • Go to Gmail and login with your credentials.
  • Then click on the three dots in the right corner.
find email ip address
  • Select show original

A new tab opens after that, and here you will see many details. Press ctrl+F to turn on the find function. Type Received: from or Received-SPF and hit enter. In that line, you will get the IP address of the Email sender.

Now you have the email sender’s IP address; you can use various tools to locate it.

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You can also use the www.ip-tracker.org website. Go to the website>scroll down>fill the IP address and hit enter. Now you will get the IP location and many other details.

How to Block IP Address in Gmail

There is no way in Gmail to block Emails based on the IP Address. You can use Chrome Extension and Add-on in Firefox to block Gmail emails based on the IP Address.

The Spammers use many different email servers. Every email server has its unique IP address. That is why third-party tools are the best method in combating them.