Well, it’s not too difficult to upload a video on YouTube. You need a video to upload, its title, description, tags, and thumbnail. But it’s challenging to rank your video and increase views. However, this article explains the top 6 YouTube video SEO tips and tools, so you don’t need to worry.

Achieve first rank with YouTube video SEO

What is YouTube Video SEO?

YouTube is a video-sharing platform and also a video search engine. People use YouTube to promote their businesses, share their knowledge, and for entertainment purposes.

If you also want to become a successful YouTuber, focus on YouTube video SEO.

YouTube video SEO helps you rank better on a search result page. Your video needs to be properly optimized to rank higher. If you get more clicks on the video, YouTube automatically pushes your video to other users.

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YouTube 5 Crore Views

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YouTube SEO Checklist

  1. Choose a Keyword
  2. Include Keyword in Video File Name, Title, Description, and Tags.
  3. Hashtags in Description
  4. Add video to Playlist.
  5. Upload a custom and catchy thumbnail.
  6. Add subtitles, captions, cards, and an end screen.

YouTube SEO Checklist

Top 6 Free YouTube Video SEO Tools

Below are the top 6 YouTube video SEO tools:

1. VidIQ

image source: VidIQ.com

Our first YouTube video SEO tool is VidIQ. VidIQ is an educational website that helps YouTube creators create SEO-friendly YouTube videos. VidIQ’s salient features are:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. YouTube Analytics
  3. Competitors Analysis

2. Pictory

Image Source: Pictory.ai

Pictory is a simple AI video maker tool. Using it, you can automate your video creation process, which saves lots of time. Pictory provides free images, videos, and music for video creation.

3. Copy.AI

Image Source: copy.ai

Our third YouTube video SEO tool is the CopyAI tool. Suppose you want to write a 1,000-word blog post in one minute. Is it humanly possible? No, it isn’t. For that, we need an AI writer tool, and that’s what the CopyAI tool is. This tool can write blog posts, social media posts, and much more.

4. Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule

Image Source: CoSchedule

The Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule is a helpful tool for improving a Title tag. Moreover, this tool is freemium. You need to register to use the free version. After that, you can use this tool and create riveting headlines.

5. TubeRanker

image source: www.facebook.com/tuberanker/

TubeRanker is a YouTube SEO Tool that provides tools to optimize your videos to gain more views. This tool offers Tag Generator, Channel Audit, Keyword Tool, Rank Tracker, Tag Extractor, Hashtag Generator, Title Generator, and Description Generator tools.

6. Canva

Image Source: Canva

Canva is a graphic design platform that is famous among non-designers people. It’s a freemium and easy-to-use tool. You can use this tool to design Instagram posts, YouTube thumbnails, and videos.

Top 6 YouTube SEO Tips

Below are the top 6 YouTube SEO Tips to increase views, clicks, and watch time:

1. Keyword Research

In the same way, as we need to do keyword research to write an SEO-optimized article, we also need to do keyword research to optimize a YouTube video SEO. To conduct YouTube keyword research, you can use keyword research tools.

Keyword Research for YouTube Video SEO

2. Create an Informative Video

Video is the foremost thing that you need to start your YouTube channel. You can share your knowledge through videos on YouTube.

After the keyword research, you need an engaging video to rank well on YouTube. You can use the Pictory website to automate your video creation.

Further, you can edit your video on FlexClip. FlexClip has all the features to make fancy videos for your YouTube channel. With AI auto-subtitle generator and text-to-speech tool, you can take your video editing skills to the next level.

3. Engaging Title

Spend 80% time on the Title and 20% on the Content. Always create an informative and engaging title for your video so that you will get more clicks on your video. Further, include a keyword in your title to get better reach on YouTube.

To speed up your headline creation, you can use the Headline Analyzer tool from CoSchedule.

Engaging Title 80/20 Rule border=

4. Smart Description

You can give a summary of your video in the description section. Additionally, a description helps you rank higher in search results.

To create a description, you can use the CopyAI tool. CopyAI tool helps you generate a compelling description to engage users. Further, add your tarhet keyword to the description to help with YouTube SEO.

You can write the following things in the video description:

  • About your video
  • Social Media Handles
  • Website Links
  • Video Hashtags
  • About channel

5. High-Performance Tags

Another way to rank on YouTube is the use of tags. YouTube tags are search queries that people use to search on YouTube. Tags can help you rank better in YouTube searches. Further, tags might even help you get viral.

You can use the VidIQ and TubeRanker tools to find tags. You can use these tools to extract video tags. Both of these tools can save time finding tags.

To get better reach, always use long-tail keywords.

High performance Tags for Youtube video seo

6. Influential Thumbnail

The thumbnail is one of the most influential factors in ranking your video. YouTube’s thumbnail is a cover of your entire video, and people judge your video from your thumbnail. Hence, it’s imperative to create a compelling thumbnail.

People judge your video from your Thumbnail

The YouTube video thumbnail is a preview image. YouTubers often create catchy thumbnails to get more clicks on their videos.

But what if you don’t have design skills? Not to worry, you can use Canva to create click-worthy thumbnails for your YouTube videos.

Conclusion: YouTube Video SEO

We want to conclude that you can use these YouTube SEO tips and tools to grow your channel fast. I hope you find the article helpful.

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YouTube SEO involves optimizing videos to rank well in search engine results to get more views.

YT SEO is a must if you want growth on your YouTube channel. Just uploading content to YouTube without SEO is a waste of time.