Everybody wants privacy on chat apps and social media. Now end-to-end encryption is available on many social media platforms. Instagram, owned by Facebook, has released Vanish Mode on its platform. In this article, let’s find out what is Instagram Vanish Mode, its features and how to use it.

Instagram’s Vanish Mode lets you send temporary messages to any user. The feature is similar to Telegram’s secret chat feature.

How to Turn On Instagram Vanish Mode?

You have to manually turn on Vanish Mode. Follow the instructions below to turn on Vanish Mode:

  • Firstly, open the Instagram app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Then open any person chat.
  • After that, swipe up screen from bottom and release to turn on Vanish Mode.

Similar to Telegram’s secret chat, Instagram’s Vanish Mode is only available for a one-on-one chat. Vanish mode won’t work in group chats.

How to Turn Off Instagram Vanish Mode?

  • Firstly, launch the Instagram app on your Android and iOS device.
  • After that, open the Vanish Mode chat.
  • Then swipe up screen from bottom and release it to turn off Vanish Mode.

Instagram Vanish Mode Features

  • You can’t edit, save or forward Vanish Mode chat.
  • Participants can’t take screenshots. If someone attempts to take a screenshot, you’ll be notified.
  • Instagram Clouds don’t store conversation.

How does Instagram’s Vanish Mode work?

Instagram Vanish Mode uses end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption will keep messages safe on participants devices. Only participants held the decryption key of end-to-end encryption messages. That’s why only interlocutors can see, read, delete and decrypt the conversation. Even the cloud providers can’t see your message.

Remember Instagram staff can’t see your Secret chat until and unless you report the Vanish Mode chat.

Instagram Vanish Mode Screenshot

You can use the Instagram mod application to take a screenshot or capture the screen in Vanish Mode. Alternatively, you can also read our guide on how to bypass the security policy that prevents you from taking screenshots. Further, if you want to take a screenshot in Instagram Vanish Mode without notification, you can read our article on How to Take a Screenshot in Instagram without Notification?

Simple Chat vs Vanish Mode Chat

Different pointsSimple ChatVanish Mode Chat
Who can see the chatEnd user and Instagram StaffOnly End User
Black Hackers AccessNoYes
Data SavedInstagram CloudsChat Participants Devices
Message RecoveryYesNo

Difference Between Instagram and Telegram Secret Chat

Instagram Secret ChatTelegram Secret Chat
You can’t create an Unlimited Number of Chats.You can create an Unlimited Number of Chats.
Unsend sent messagesCan’t unsend sent messages
No self-destruct featureYou can use the self-destruct feature

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Instagram is a popular social media app that allows you to share photos and videos. It’s the most effective platform for making money and for building an online presence for businesses.

Instagram is not a free social media platform. Their product is “YOU”. They collect users data to serve ads. E2EE is the most effective way to stop tech giants from reading your messages. E2EE allows you to send private messages to your friends. Messages that you send in secret chat will disappear.

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If you want to take screenshots in Vanish Mode, you can use an Instagram mod application like Instander. Additionally, you can take screenshots during DisableFlagSecure.

Yes, Vanish Mode is completely safe. With end-to-end encryption, no third party can view your message. Therefore, it’s an effective way to protect data from harvesting.

Yes, Instagram supports End-to-end encryption. You can enable E2EE in Instagram DM’s.