While exploring Instagram, have you ever sent a follow request to a private account? Do you know some of those users who didn’t accept your follow request? Did you ever think about how to see sent follow requests on Instagram? In this article, We learn about that.

Instagram is a very popular image and video-sharing platform. You can follow anyone on Instagram and see their posts. But some users keep their accounts private. If you want to see their posts, you need to follow that user. If the user accepts your follow request then you can see his/her post what he/she posted.

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There are two types of profiles on Instagram: private profiles and public profiles. You can follow both types of Instagram accounts. However, in a private profile case, a user can choose whether he wants you as a follower or not. When that happens, you can only send follow requests to that person, and if he/she approves, your account will be added to their list of followers.

How to See Sent Requests on Instagram?

Follow these steps to find out which users have not accepted your follow request:

  • Go to the Instagram account setting.
  • Click on Security.

Instagram Security
  • Now click on Access Data
Access Instagram Data
  • Now click on Current Follow Requests
  • Here you will find the list of users to whom you sent a follow request, but they didn’t accept yet.

I hope you like the post about how to see sent follow requests on Instagram. Now you can cancel the following requests if you want. Moreover, you will know to whom you send follow requests in Past. I hope you like the post. Share your valuable comments below.