Every device or system that connects to the internet has its IP address. Its uses for communication on the internet. It’s a unique identification of any device on the internet. We use website URLs to access the website. But if you want to find out the IP address of any website, this post will guide you.

Find IP Address using CMD

  1. Open command prompt
  2. then type: tracert www.google.com {as shown in the image below}
  3. Replace google URL with your site URL
Find IP Address of Website using CMD

You can also use the Ping command to find out the IP of the website.

How to do it by Android Device

  1. Install Termux application
  2. Open Termux application
  3. Type ping www.google.com
  4. Replace google URL with your site URL

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As you see above, it is an effortless way to find the IP. But many websites use Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a gateway between you and the website. When a website uses Cloudflare, then a request is made by you, going throughout Cloudflare. It also hides the IP address of a website. Don’t be worry; we will guide you on how you can find the Website IP address behind Cloudflare.

Online Tools for Find IP behind Cloudflare

Below are some tools that can help you find IP behind Cloudflare:

  1. DNS Trails(https://securitytrails.com/dns-trails)
  2. Shodan
  3. Pentest-Tools(https://pentest-tools.com/information-gathering/find-subdomains-of-domain)
  • DNS Trails:
    • Open DNS Trails Website.
    • Enter your domain URL in the search field and hit enter
    • It will show you the IP Address of Domain Name
  • Shodan:
    • Open Shodan Website.
    • Enter URL and search it
Find IP Address Using Shodan
  • Pentest Tools:

Pentest-tools is also a good website to Find IP behind Cloudflare. Visit the website and enter the site link, and hit enter. It will give you the IP address behind Cloudflare.

Tools for Linux and Termux for Cloudflare Bypass

  1. CloudFail
  2. Th3inspector
  3. HatCloud
  • Cloud Fail:
    • Install Kali Linux on your PC.
    • Open Linux and enter the below commands
    • git clone https://github.com/m0rtem/CloudFail
    • cd CloudFail
    • sudo pip3 -r requirements.txt
    • python3 cloudfail.py -t site.com

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  • Th3inspector:
    • Install Termux in your Android Device
    • git clone https://github.com/Moham3dRiahi/Th3inspector.git
    • cd Th3inspector
    • chmod 777 install.sh
    • ./install.sh
    • perl Th3inspector.pl -c site.com

You can also install the th3inspector tool in Kali Linux.

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Access Website using IP

  1. Open browser in your device
  2. Now type http:// and then type IP Address. E.g.
  3. And Hit Enter.

I hope this list of tools can help you find IP behind Cloudflare.