Hy Guys, Today, I will tell you how to install Kali Linux on an android device without a root. I want to tell you that you need to install tools manually in Kali. So don’t think that you will receive all tools pre-installed in kali. Now let’s move to how to install kali Linux on android.


4GB Space

Termux App

VNC Viewer App

AnLinux App

Download Links:

Termux App Link
Vnc Viewer App Link
AnLinux App Link

Install Kali Linux On Android

  • Open AnLinux App
  • Tap on choose
    install kali linux on android
  • Select Kali
  • Below, there is a Copy command Button. Click on that.

how to install kali linux on android

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Install Kali Linux in Window

  • Now paste that command in Termux.
  • Wait for some time. Kali takes a few minutes to install.
  • After that you can run kali by typing ./start-kali.sh
  • Come back to AnLinux App.
  • Swipe screen from left.
  • Click on Desktop Environment.
  • Tap on Yes
  • Choose Desktop Environment Disto Kali > xfce4
  • Click on the copy to copy commands. 
  • Now-Again open Termux
  • Paste commands.
  • Now keyboard config here type 1 and then 20
  • After that, Enter a password between 6 to 8 letters
  • Then type vncserver-start to check vnc server is started or not
  • Open VNC VIEWER App
  • Click on the (+) icon for adding a new VNC Desktop Connection
  • input address: input name: anything
  • Tap To Connect.
  • Click OK.
  • Enter the password that you set above.
  • Now it will be run.
  • Press back to Disconnect.
  • Type vncserver-stop in Termux to stop vncserver.

Note: Don’t Stop Termux

For installing Any Linux Distro, You can use the same method. With the help of an AnLinux application, you can install the following:

  1. Ubuntu
  2. Debian
  3. Kali Nethunter
  4. Kali
  5. BackBox
  6. Fedora
  7. CentOS
  8. OpenSUSE Leap
  9. OpenSUSE Tumbleweed
  10. Arch Linux
  11. Black Arch
  12. Alpine
  13. Void Linux

You can install all of them on your android device without root.