We have already discussed how to create a Gmail account. The tutorial below shows you how to create an unlimited Gmail account using Termux. Also, there is no requirement to verify your phone number.

You might be wondering how that is possible, so let me explain.

A unique username is required whenever you create a Gmail account. For example, My Gmail address is [email protected].

However, the addresses below are also mine:

In other words, your username in dotted form is also yours. Anyone who attempts to create a Gmail account with these usernames will get an error. This method is known as Gmail Alias.

You can also create an Alias Gmail address using the plus(+) sign in addition to the dot. For example:

Is this now clear to you? I think it’s easy to understand. Nonetheless, if you still don’t understand, here’s some more info: Dots don’t matter in Gmail addresses.

The Gmail Aliases allow you to create several accounts on a Website. Additionally, people use Gmail Aliases for pen testing.

Now let’s move to our 3 methods to create unlimited Gmail accounts.

Unlimited Gmail Account with Termux tools

With Termux tools also you can create unlimited Gmail accounts.

Mail Multiply: Termux Tool for Unlimited Gmail Accounts

For this tutorial, we will use the Mail Multiply tool. Please make sure Termux is installed on your device before you begin. You can also watch the following video to see how to download Termux through F-Droid:

  • After the installation, enter the below commands in Termux:
pkg update
pkg upgrade
pkg install git
pkg install python
git clone https://github.com/3xploitGuy/mailmultiply
cd mailmultiply
chmod 777 mailmultiply.sh

Now you can use this tool and create an unlimited Gmail account using Termux.

Unlimited Gmail Accounts with Python Script

You can also create unlimited Gmail accounts using Python. Below is only the one python script that you can use. You can also create your own python script.


def dot_trick(username):
    emails = list()
    username_length = len(username)
    combinations = pow(2, username_length - 1)
    padding = "{0:0" + str(username_length - 1) + "b}"
    for i in range(0, combinations):
        bin = padding.format(i)
        full_email = ""

        for j in range(0, username_length - 1):
            full_email += (username[j]);
            if bin[j] == "1":
                full_email += "."
        full_email += (username[j + 1])
        emails.append(full_email + "@gmail.com")
    return emails

username = input("Give Username(eg. coolzgeeks) = ")
print(*dot_trick(username) , sep="\n")
ex = input("Done :-), Press ctrl + c to exit")


Create Unlimited Gmail Account with Pyhton

You can run this script with any Python IDE. Also, you can run this script in Termux.


That’s all for this article. I hope so you like these three methods to create unlimited Gmail accounts.

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