Open Google Search Console and click the Exclude button in the Coverage section. Several messages will appear there like URL is unknown to Google, Crawled: Currently not indexed, Discovered: Currently not indexed, etc.

Let’s see their meanings:

  1. URL is unknown to Google: It means Google does not know about the URL.
  2. Discovered – Currently not indexed: It means Google knows about URL but didn’t crawl yet.
  3. Crawled: Currently not indexed: It means Google crawled your URL but did not index it.

Discovered: Currently not indexed vs Crawled: Currently not indexed

Discovered: Currently not indexedCrawled: Currently not indexed
URL discovered by GoogleYes Yes
URL visited by GoogleYesNo
URL IndexedNoNo

These days, everybody’s website is being affected by the Crawled: Currently not indexed issue. It is the most common issue reported in the Index Coverage Report.

If Google does not index your article, you will not appear in search results, and you will not receive traffic from the Google Search Engine Result Page. It is therefore vital that you address this problem immediately.

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How do I fix Crawled: Currently not indexed?

  1. Firstly, open the Google Search Console.
  2. Then paste your article link for inspection.
  3. After that, click on Test Live URL.
  4. In case Google shows errors, fix them.
  5. Then, once again, inspect the URL.
  6. You can request indexing if there are zero errors on Google Search Console.

Google takes 2-3 days to index your article. In the meantime, you can perform the below tasks for fast indexing.

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How Google Index Articles?

Below are the 10 indexing checkpoints, which are crucial for indexing an article.

  1. The first indexing solution is to create a good article.
  2. The second solution is to link your article internally and externally.
  3. Third, make sure your site has a well-created sitemap.
  4. The fourth robots.txt is necessary.
  5. Fifth, check for the noindex tag.
  6. Sixth, check out the canonical tag.
  7. Seventh, didn’t create duplicate content.
  8. Eight, share your article on social media sites.
  9. Ninth, you have to create backlinks for your post.
  10. Tenth, ensure that Google can easily access your article page(page loading speed).

Last Words

So these are the solutions of the Crawled: Currently not indexed. Try to create an article on the latest topic. So that your link is easily crawled and indexed.

On the latest topic Google rank article fastly. So don’t miss that opportunity.

I hope this article will help you a lot. Please share this article with your friends if you like it. Share your valuable thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.