In the 21st century, 4.66 billion people worldwide use the internet. For finding something on the internet, we rely on search engines. Today, our life is incomplete without search engines. It is impossible to find anything on the internet without search engines. What search engine do you use when trying to access a file online?

Every day, we use search engines to find whatever we need. But many people still think Google is the only search engine. Let’s see how much do you know about the other search engine? Do you know of any search engines to find files on the internet?

In this post, We are going to discuss every single way to search files on the internet.

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How to Search for Files on the Internet?

Below are the top 3 file search engine to search files on the internet: – Files Database is the database of the files. They crawl the Internet for files and make them available for direct download. You can search for any movie, image, app, file, etc.

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Google is a popular search engine. There are many reasons why you might use Google. In addition, you can use it for searching files.

For searching files on Google, we have to use a filetype string. You can use a filetype string to find files, books, documents, and more. These strings are known as Google Dorks.

Type your search query along with the file extension and hit enter. Now Google will narrow down your search results and will show only that file type.

Here is an example.

Google dork to search files

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Last Words

So these are some methods to search for files on the internet. Use these search engines if you are unable to find files on the internet.

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