Everyone has to deal with paperwork at one time or the other in one’s life. Imagine you have an android app to capture the text you want to digitalize. It would be a great relief indeed!

For instance, you read a book or newspaper, and you find something worth-saving. Writing down on paper makes it a cumbersome task.

Instead of wasting your time writing manually, you can shift yourself to OCR-based android apps to capitalize your data saving and manipulation. 

Before embarking upon our journey, let’s take a peek into some basics of OCR.

What is OCR?

Briefly speaking, optical character recognition technology is an innovative technology based on the concept of man-machine interaction. 

OCR like speech recognition, interacts with your natural language, written in text. Therefore, you can say that OCR is based on NLP, as it first understands your text, processes your language, and then manipulates it in whatever way you want.

What are the Image to Text Tool?

The Image to text tool takes up your handwritten text or images, extracts the text, and converts it into digital text in soft form.

How to pull out Editable Text with Andriod apps?

An image-to-text android app works essentially the same as a picture to text web tool. However, follow these steps to extract the required text in a few simple steps.

  1. Dowanload an Image to text app from Play sotre
  2. open the android app and upload the image whose text you want to extract. 
  3. You can also capture the image from your smartphone’s camera.
  4. You can easily copy or download that text. 

How does it Pull a Text from an Image?

Speaking of the algorithms running at the backend of an image to text app, there exist some intricate and complex phenomena, which we divide into stages to understand better.

Pre-processing stage:

Pre-processing involves all the pre-arrangements used to make your text image clear and optimized for the main process. 

It makes your content ready for extraction. Usually, the images you capture do not have good resolution. 

They may also have lines or dark spots. That’s why the tool uses a binarization process that converts the image into black and white.

The black appears as the text and the white is the non-extracting part of the image. After that, it converts your text into chunks or tokens to ease the extraction process.

Processing stage:

In the real processing stage, two types of algorithms apply to your text. Either OCR tools use pattern recognition or feature extraction. We will go through each one by one.

In pattern recognition, the tools recognize the text by comparing the fonts with an already installed template. 

If the text falls exactly similar to the fonts, it recognizes it, otherwise, it does not extract that text. That’s why this technology isn’t good for different fonts text or hand-written text.

The case of feature extraction is a bit different. In this technique, your text isn’t matched with already set patterns, rather it gets extracted based on its features. 

It means that the tool focuses on each letter and divides it into lines, angles, and curves. Depending upon them, it understands your text and extracts it in digital form.

After preprocessing, there is an optional stage of post-processing. It only deals with giving a final touch to your extracted text.

It may check the spelling and grammar of your text and may tweak your text according to the best-fit requirements.

Benefits of using an Android Image to Text App

There are a lot of benefits of OCR apps. Below are a few of them you can use.

Helps in creating the best assignments:

Being a student, you are always preoccupied with assignments until you get passed. It is sometimes a difficult task to cope with the assignment pressure and to deal with it easily.

The main reason for your anxiety is often the writing part. As you have to write unique and well-research assignments, you have to fetch the best information.

Finding the required information and writing them down manually is a hard task indeed. However, you can use an image-to-text converter to scan the text and get it in digital format.

From there you can gather the required data and amend it to create the best assignments.

1. Digitalize your workflow

Whether you are doing business or working in an organization, you can use OCR apps to incentivize your workflow.

You can go from paper to paperless, as you can scan the images and extract the required data. Thus, you can create a database of your own. 

Moreover, you can send confidential or sensitive text in your organization circle easily after converting it into digital form.

2. Time-saving apps

Gone are the days when you have to spend hours to recreate the same text on different papers.  It also appears to be an overbearing burden to pen down the same ideas and thoughts manually.

For whatever reason you are doing this, you need to shift towards image to text android apps that scan your text once and help you create multiple copies of it.

Moreover, it even relieves you from typing handwritten text into your computer.

3. Scan anytime and anywhere

Unlike OCR web tools, these apps take an extra mile to provide extra productivity and efficiency. Sometimes you are in transit or somewhere in an emergency where you can’t access web tools.

In that case, android apps appear to be the best option for everyone working with text and documents.

Final Words

If you are looking for a reasonable solution that can convert your hard text into an editable format, you must consider using an image-to-text android app.

It takes care of your text extraction whether you are a student, a businessman, or anyone dealing with a lot of paperwork.

Try an android app and capitalize your workflow instantly without any hassle. Tell us what you think about these tools or any other opinion in the comments.