Blokada is the Best AD Blocker that blocks advertisements, trackers, and malware. It also blocks malicious websites, protects your information from theft, speeds up your device, and protects your privacy with one application. It is free, secure, open-source, and Best Ad Blocker.

Blokada 5 is the next-generation mobile ad blocker app. Blokada is a lightweight app that blocks sites that distribute malicious content. You don’t need to stress or configure anything at all.

How to Download Blokada APK (Best Ad Blocker) for Android

  1. Blokada is available on Google Play Store.
  2. Open Google Play Store and search by typing Blokada.
  3. Go to the Blokada Slim Adblock app page and click the install button.
  4. When the installation is complete, open the app and activate it.
  5. To download another version of Blokada, visit the Blokada website(

Download Blokada App on IOS

Blokada is also available in App Store for your IOS device. Open the link and click on the Install button to download Blokada Adblocker.

How to Download Blokada for Windows

  1. Search Android Emulator on your PC. If your PC does not have an Emulator, Download an Android Emulator of your choice.
  2. Launch Play Store on the screen of the emulator.
  3. Search by typing Blokada.
  4. Go to the Blokada app page and click the install button.

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How to Download Blokada AdBlocker for Mac

  1. You need to download an emulator for MAC.
  2. Open App Store from the emulator home screen.
  3. Type Blokada and press enter.
  4. Click the install button to install these adblocker tools.

Install Blokada Ad Blocker for F-Droid

You can Download Blokada F-Droid version from Blokada’s official Website.

Best Ad Blocker

Blokada works automatically and does not require root access. You need to open it, activate it, and forget about it as it runs in the background and blocks all the content that disturbances you.

If you disable ads, some apps will not run correctly. When this occurs, you can whitelist a website and application. Blokada allows you to do this entirely inside the application.

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How to Properly Set-UP Blokada Ad Blocker

You will see the “Footer Menu Bar” when you open the Blokada App. In Footer, There are four options: Home, Activity, Advanced & Setting.

Home:- From here, you can Activate & De-Activate Blokada. Also, you can see the total number of Blocked Ads & Trackers.

Activity:- There are about a thousand requests per day made by my phone about whom I don’t even know. In Activity Tab, I can check all the requests made by my Device. The “Red” symbol means the request is blocked, and the “Green” symbol represents the request is not blocked.

You can also Modify that requests. By clicking on a specific request, you can choose whether to Block the request or Allow it.

Advanced:- First of all, in this section is the “Blocklists” option. Under a Blocklist, you will see many options. Enable all of them. It will take some time to activate. If you go below, then you see an option of DNS here.

Setting:- Goto Setting> This Device>Keep Alive and select “YES.” This option will help Blokada to run in the background.

Blokada Application Features

  1. Blocks Advertisements, Trackers, and Malware.
  2. Work for all Applications and all Browsers.
  3. Require No Root or Jailbreak.
  4. It has a built-in VPN for better protection.
  5. Fast and reliable VPN that protects your privacy and encrypts your data.
  6. Protect your Privacy.
  7. Blocks sites that distribute malicious content.

Benefits of Blokada Application

  • It blocks annoying ads
  • Blocks adult, gambling & malicious websites
  • Blocks social media trackers: Google Analytics, Facebook Connect, DoubleClick, Google Publisher Tags, Google AdSense, Twitter Button, Yandex.

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Developers assume we will accept their tracking and analytics just because we use their apps. To tackle this, we need assistance, and Blokada is available for that.

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