Are you a newbie entrepreneur thinking about how AI (Artificial Intelligence) revolutionizes businesses?

Since the pandemic has hit the globe, we all know that artificial intelligence has a significant impact on our business and work – but once cannot help and wonder whether we will remain spectators of AI or become prey – something that sounds like a distant dystopia.

The thing about AI and technology is that AI is integrated into nearly all aspects of life, including businesses. As a matter of fact, 37% of companies use Google voice assistants to translate their voice commands into practical actions.

Here is how AI will improve the different aspects of different businesses, and which aspects of different businesses are going to be replaced by AI:

Market Research Analysts

In case you have never heard of a market research analyst before, you should know that this professional is someone who assists a business or company in understanding its target market. Typically, this is done through an in-depth study of potential market trends, market conditions, and consumer/ buying behavior.

These tasks are accomplished through questionnaires, interviews, and market analysis. Typically, market research analysts help companies better understand their target market and give them a direction on how to survive a saturated marketplace.

However, automated AI surveys can extract this kind of information more and more easily. With the help of AI, a company can conduct market research on any nearby business and competitors with a few simple commands.

It is incredible to only imagine how AI does something that is considered strenuous to humans not only easily but also quickly and accurately.

Retail Salesperson

A retail salesperson is someone who sells products directly to customers. Recent developments have shown that potential buyers can successfully carry out their buying activity without needing a potential salesman.

The emergence of AI has made the position of a salesman redundant. The internet has made shopping so much easier as you can buy anything without stepping out of your house – not to mention meeting a salesperson.

Companies and big shopping malls can now get by without the need of a salesperson – much of which is due to the integration of the feature of self-checkout points.

Computer Support Specialists

Computer support specialists are professionals who assist users having issues with the software, computers, and even their printers or scanners.

Some computer support specialists assist the potential customers of a company – these professionals are usually referred to as computer user support specialists.

There is also another group known as computer network support specialists, whose job is to provide internal support and assistance to an organization’s IT staff.

If we were to regard how AI works, it would be safe to consider that one can do without computer support specialists these days. Numerous resources on the internet can help you with any of your problems.

That said, it is quite unsurprising that it is estimated that the computer support field will grow by nearly twelve percent by the end of 2024 – and with a lot of content on the internet, instructions, step-by-step tutorials, and hacks – it is no surprise that companies will place heavy reliance on chatbots to respond to potential support questions of employees and customers alike.

Many customers who have interacted with chatbots have expressed their satisfaction with the resultant customer service, which is why the need for computer support specialists is more likely to decline shortly.

Advertising Salesperson

We are referring to the advertising salespeople who advertise goods to potential customers. Have you ever wondered how many companies make use of such people? The answer is that practically no one makes use of salespeople – and if someone does, they are very few in number.

The decline in the need for advertising salespeople is mainly due to the emergence of social media, which has now made it quite easy for people to buy space through free application program interfaces known as APIs and ad-serving platforms.

You get the point – AI-integrated platforms have made advertising so much easier and more efficient. Hence, there is no such thing as an advertising salesperson needed in most companies as things like these are well-taken care of by digital marketing teams.

Now, people spend most of their time scrolling through their social media apps, which is why there is no need to contact the printing company or television to run ads. If you look at the different internet sites you visit daily; you will see different ads popping up randomly.

Depending on the sites that you visit, there is a great chance that some websites (that you visited) even go to the extent of retargeting their potential customers with the help of AI – even after you have left their website.


A professional proofreader is someone who ensures that written content is devoid of any grammatical and typographical mistakes. They also ensure that all punctuation, spelling, syntax, and other potential errors that one might have made during the writing process are corrected.

A proofreader also points out where punctuation should be and where you should have used a verb instead of a proverb. They also ensure that the intent of a writer is well-expressed. If you are someone who has completed a written draft, you might be compelled to contact your family and friend who is well-versed in the language in which the content has been written so that the manuscript is free of errors.

However, hiring a professional reader is no longer necessary due to AI. In other words, the existence of different proofreading software, such as Grammarly, can proofread the entire manuscript without having you spend a dime.

That said, there is a great chance you won’t need a proofreader in the near future.


Telemarketers are professionals who solicit orders from business organizations by identifying potential buyers, calling them, and persuading them to buy their services. However, now with the help of AI, you don’t have to call people to sell your services due to the emergence of social media marketing.

AI has aided social media and various internet resources, which will market your goods and services more efficiently. For instance, different programs like Google Ads are programmed to track the interest of potential buyers in different products.