OFF Page SEO Techniques

Top Off-Page SEO Techniques

OFF Page SEO Techniques play a major role in SEO. OFF Page SEO tactics improve your website search engine ranking, Increase your site authority, helpful in link building and make your site trustworthy. It also helps in increasing Domain Authority. In this article, We look out how you can get backlinks from other websites.

Off Page SEO Techniques

Latest OFF Page SEO Techniques 2021

Below are the Latest Off Page SEO Techniques:

1. Image Submission (OFF Page SEO Technique)

Image Submission is an Off-Page SEO activity. Uploading and Submitting images to image submission sites is called image submission or image sharing. Use alt tag in the image so that crawler can read your images and indexed them. Popular Image Sharing sites listed below:

High DA Image Submission Sites List

Sr. No.Image Submission Sites ListDA

2. PPT Submission

PPT is one of the best ways to create backlinks. Focus on your keyword and create a PPT file. Submitting a PPT will improve your keyword position and increase traffic to your website.

High DA PPT Submission Sites List

Sr. No.PPT Submission Sites ListDA

3. Video Submission

Video Submission is also an Off-Page SEO Technique and helps in creating backlinks. Make a short video of your product and services and upload that video on video-sharing platforms.

High DA Video Submission Sites List

Sr. No.Video Submission sites ListDA

4. Business Listing

According to Hubspot, 50% of consumers who searched for a local business on their mobile, visited the store within a day. Hence business listings are vital for local businesses.

Business Listing is a public profile that anyone can view. A Business Listing contains details like Name, Address, Phone Number, Website URL, Description, Images Etc.

High DA Free Business Listing Sites List

Sr. No.Free Business Listing Sites ListDA

5. Profile Creation (Off-Page SEO Technique)

Profile Creation is the best off-page SEO technique to create backlinks. Choose a High DA Profile Creation site to create an account for better results. We already post about the High DA Profile Creation Sites List. If you didn’t check yet then go and check out. We listed here the top 5 profile creation sites list:

High DA Profile Creation Sites List

Sr. No.Profile Creation Sites ListDA

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