We will discuss in this article what com.facebook.orca is and how to recover Facebook deleted messages. com.facebook.orca is a program that can retrieve deleted Facebook messages.

Facebook has different URLs for different services. I mentioned some of them in the previous post — Important Links for Facebook.

You can use Blokada to find all the URLs. You can read our Blokada – The Best Ad Blocker For Android and IOS Post for more information.

When we accidentally delete messages on Facebook, we try several methods to retrieve them later when we need them. Today I’ll show you one of those methods.

What is com.facebook.orca?

Before I tell you how to recover Facebook deleted messages, let me explain what com.facebook.orca is. com.facebook.orca is a folder similar to com.facebook.katana. You can find both folders in your Android device file manager.

When you install the Facebook Messenger application, it creates the com.facebook.orca folder.

In addition, When you install the Facebook application, it makes the com.facebook.katana folder.

Moreover, the Facebook Lite application generates a com.facebook.lite folder.

There is no way to delete these types of folders permanently. Whenever you launch the application, it automatically creates the folder. Facebook uses these folders to store some data files.

Only a few people notice these types of things. If you already know about these types of folders, let’s strengthen your knowledge by giving information on how to recover deleted Facebook messages with the help of the com.facebook.orca folder.

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How to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages?

I mentioned that Facebook stores its data in the com.facebook.orca folder, including messages also. So we can use this folder to retrieve deleted Facebook messages. Let’s see how can you do that:

  • Open the File Manager on your Android device.
  • Then click on Android> Data folder.
How to Recover Facebook Deleted Messages
  • Locate and click on the com.facebook.orca folder.
Recover Deleted Facebook Messages
Recover Deleted Facebook Messages
  • Open the files folder and find the fb_temp folder.
Recover Deleted Facebook Messages
  • Now copy the fb_temp folder.
  • Then uninstall the Facebook Messenger application and re-install that.

Note: Don’t login into Facebook Messenger.

  • After the installation, Open the Cache folder again.
    • File manager>Android>Data>com.facebook.orca>cache folder.
  • Then paste your fb_temp folder.
  • Now open the Facebook Messenger application.
  • Login to your account.
  • Now you will get back your messages.

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So, this is the method to get back your deleted Facebook messages.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found it helpful. So this is the rudimentary method to retrieve deleted Facebook messages. Feel free to share this article with friends if you find it beneficial.