You can’t take a screenshot and reopen WhatsApp View Once message (image/video). In this guide, you’ll learn how to reopen a WhatsApp View Once message.

Recently, WhatsApp added the View Once feature, which allows users to view photos and videos only once. WhatsApp launched this feature to keep conversations secure. But what if you want to reopen “WhatsApp View Once images and videos?” Not to worry, we will explain each step to open a WhatsApp View Once message again.

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How to Reopen WhatsApp View Once Message?

WhatsApp doesn’t allow users to open the View Once message again. Hence, whenever you receive a View Once message, follow these steps before opening the message:

  • After receiving the message, go to settings>chat>chat backup.
  • Then click on the Backup option.
  • After that, you can view the message that you’ve received.
  • Next, change the WhatsApp folder name, which contains the chat backup.
  • Then clear your WhatsApp data.
  • Then change the WhatsApp folder to its original name,”com.whatsapp.”
  • You then have to log in to your account, and while logging into your WhatsApp account, WhatsApp will ask you to restore a chat backup. Then select the chat backup option to reopen the WhatsApp View Once message.
  • Next, change the WhatsApp folder name, which contains the chat backup.

That’s it!! Now you can open the WhatsApp View Once message again.

Note: we test these steps on local storage backup.

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