Whatsapp is one of the most popular instant messaging platforms. Why is this so popular? Apart from the free features, you can send photos, audio, documents, even make voice and video calls, and get instant responses. In this article, We’ll disclose how to hack someone’s WhatsApp account. These days, everybody wants to know what someone is doing on their WhatsApp account the entire day.

Do you want to keep an eye on your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, and wife Whatsapp? Here’s an easy trick to hack a Whatsapp account. Well, this might be pretty easy for many users. You have to do this simple trick. Just follow the below steps.

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Hack whatsapp

Hack Whatsapp Live Chat

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Download Pubg Mobile in India

Run this tool and a QR code will appear (as shown below)

whatsapp Hack

You need to scan this QR Code using the victim’s (friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, and wife) mobile. After that, you will be connected to the victim’s Whatsapp.

Whatsapp QR Code

Now you can see the live chat. You can also find out the number of the person who is chatting to the target WhatsApp.

hack whatsapp termux

If you are getting any error, then you contact us from telegram.

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