RDP, also known as Remote Desktop Connection, is a Microsoft product. It is a secure network communication protocol that provides a graphical interface of another computer. So in this post, we will know how to get free RDP with high internet speed.

What are the Different Types of RDP(Remote Desktop Connection)?

There are many types of RDP. Different types of RDP have different configurations, specifications, and usages. Read below to know about different types of RDP:

Full Admin RDP

In Full Admin RDP you will get RDP with full Admin access. It is also known as Dedicated RDP. You will get an RDP server with no restrictions. You will get full access to RAM, CPU, and storage.

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It is a cheap RDP server and comes with shared RAM, CPU, and storage. In this RDP server, You cannot access someone else’s files. Only you have access to your own private space.

Trading /Forex

Trade RDP, or Forex RDP, is an RDP that allows trading software to be run 24/7 on any platform. You have full control over your forex VPS server and it manages all transactions.


Streaming RDPs are used to stream content online. For streaming, you need a high internet speed connection. If you don’t have high-speed internet then you can use streaming RDP.

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Encoding RDP is used to encode movies. You will be able to access all movies and video editing software via RDP. Torrent users and movie website owners use this type of RDP.


Some websites use fingerprinting mechanisms to determine if a user is using a VPN or not. These websites wouldn’t let users create accounts if they were using VPN. If you do not want to share your IP, you can use Residential RDP to create an account on those websites.

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How to Get Streaming RDP for Free?

Let’s now discuss how to get RDP for free. Here are the steps to get RDP streaming for free:

  • Firstly, Go to the https://invited.tv/ website.
  • Then click on the signup button.
Invited tv rdp
  • After that, fill in your details and complete the signup procedure.
  • Move Further and enter OTP.
  • Then click on create a room button.
Free RDP
  • That’s it!!

You can also share this room link with your friends.

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I hope all of you found your answer on how to get free RDP. Feel free to share this article with friends if you find it beneficial.