Want to export the ChatGPT conversation to save or view later? In this article, we share how to export ChatGPT conversations.

You’ve seen a lot of people share ChatGPT conversations on Social Media. You can also use the manual method, ChatGPT Exporter Script, and SaveGPT Chrome Extension to save ChatGPT chat.

Top 3 Methods to Export ChatGPT Conversations

We’ve shared the top 3 methods to save ChatGPT conversations, which are as follows:

  • Manual Method: Manual method allows you to save ChatGPT chat without any tool.
  • ChatGPT Exporter Script: The ChatGPT Exporter script is a tool that allows you to save ChatGPT conversations in various formats, such as copied text, screenshots, HTML, JSON, and Markdown.
  • SaveGPT Chrome Extension: SaveGPT stores all ChatGPT conversations, even if you delete them from your account.


1. Manual Method to Export ChatGPT Conversations

To save your ChatGPT chat, you can take a screenshot on your Android and PC device and save it as an image. Alternatively, copy and paste the conversation into a document to save your ChatGPT conversations.

2. SaveGPT Chrome Extension

SaveGPT is a Chrome Extension that captures your real-time ChatGPT conversations. If you accidentally delete a ChatGPT chat, you can view it again through the SaveGPT Chrome Extension. It keeps records of your ChatGPT chat history.

Follow the below steps to save ChatGPT conversations using SaveGPT Chrome Extension:

  • Firstly, install the SaveGPT Chrome Extension in your browser.
  • Next, open the ChatGPT website. You can now use ChatGPT as you wish. After finishing your work, delete your ChatGPT chat.
  • Then tap on the Chat History button to check the history of your ChatGPT chat.


SaveGPT Chat History for ChatGPT


Remember: The SaveGPT Chrome Extension will keep records of all your ChatGPT conversations, even if you delete them from your account.

3. ChatGPT Exporter Script

You can use the ChatGPT Exporter script to export your ChatGPT conversations. The ChatGPT Exporter script provides a variety of ways to save ChatGPT conversations, including copied text, screenshots, HTML, JSON, and Markdown formats.

Follow the below steps to learn how to use ChatGPT Exporter Script:


ChatGPT Exporter Script to add Export button in ChatGPT




In conclusion, these are the top 3 ways to export ChatGPT conversations. You can use any of the methods which you find easiest.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out these methods and save your ChatGPT conversations. You may also want to read ChatGPT-based Chrome Extensions: Top 3 AI-based Extensions.

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