Telegram is the most popular social media application. They provide more security and privacy than WhatsApp and other social media applications. For example, they allow channel and group admins to disable message forwarding from their channel and group. Therefore, you can’t share, save, or forward Telegram messages. This article will teach you how to bypass Telegram forward restriction.

There are many ways to bypass Telegram content restrictions. We will share only two methods to continue sharing content on Telegram.

I used the DisableFlagSecure module to bypass the Telegram content forward restriction, but it didn’t work. However, you can use it to take a screenshot or record a screen in Telegram Secret Chat or Restrict saving content in groups or channels.

Telegram Secret Chat is another helpful feature provided by Telegram. Read our guide, What is Telegram Secret Chat?

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What is Telegram Saving Content Restriction?

You can enable the Telegram saving content restriction on your public and private channel and group. Below are the steps to enable Restrict Saving Content:

  • Firstly, launch the Telegram on your device.
  • Then open your channel or group.
  • Next, tap on the three dots.
  • After that, go to manage channel>channel type.
  • Then toggle on the Restrict Saving Content.

Telegram Restriction Mode

We have two methods to bypass the Telegram forward message restriction. Both of them are the following:

Telegram Forward Restriction Bypass with Bot

Many Telegram bots are available to bypass Telegram forward restriction. Use the following methods to get restricted messages from Telegram:

  • Firstly, open the Telegram app.
  • Then start the Save Restricted Content.
  • After that, send the group/channel channel link.
  • Then send the message link that you want to save or forward.

Telegram Forward Bot to bypass message forward restriction

You can also watch our video for more details:

In the above method, you need a channel/group invite link. But what if you don’t have a channel invite link? Not to worry, we have a solution to bypass the Telegram forward message restriction without a Bot.

Telegram Forward Restriction Bypass without Bot

  1. Firstly, download and install the following apps.
  2. Then open the VirtualXposed app.
  3. Next, click on the Menu button.
  4. After that, tap on the Add App option.
  5. Then choose the Telegram and Killergram app and tap on the install button.
  6. Next, choose the VirtualXposed option to install the app.
  7. Then click on the Manage Xposed Module option.
  8. Afterwards, tick the checkbox infront of Killergram.
  9. Next, reboot the Virtual Xposed.
  10. Lastly, open The Telegram app and now you can copy, save and forward the restricted messages.


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