The Internet is a big network of connected computers. The Internet becomes an integral part of your life. There are lots of hidden internet tricks and tips available that most internet users don’t know. Below, I provide the top hidden Internet tricks and tips.

#1 Internet Trick: Find the Gender of your PC

  • Firstly, open Notepad on your PC.
  • Next, copy the below text and paste it into Notepad.
reateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"my name is"
  • Then save this file as a .vbs extension.
Our first Internet trick is to find gender of pc.

After that, open that file. If the PC sounds like a man, its gender is male. If it sounds like a woman, its gender is female.

#2 Internet Hack: Buster Captcha Solver

For spam protection on websites, people use reCaptcha. reCaptcha identifies bots and humans with just a click. If it doubts that you are a bot, it shows you images of buses, cars, bicycles, streets, etc., and tells you to identify them.

If you find it difficult to clear the reCaptcha, you can solve captchas with Buster Captcha Solver.

Our Second internet trick is Buster Captcha Solver for Humans extension.

#3 Internet Tip: Project Naptha

Project Naptha is a browser extension that permits you to copy text from images. You can Download and Read More from here.

Third internet trick is project naptha

#4 Internet Trick: Bypass Adblock Detection

Many people use an AD Blocker to browse the Internet, which decreases the revenue from Google Adsense that website owners try to generate. They use an anti ad blocker on their site to avoid ad blockers.

Bypass Adblock Detection

Well, there’s a solution for bypassing anti-ad blockers on websites.

Follow these steps to Bypass Adblock Detection:

  • Firstly, right-click on Adblock and click on the options button.

anti ad blocker

  • Then go to the Advanced tab.

AdBlock Plus

  • Add a New Filter and paste this code @@||*^$generichide

  • Then click the Add button.
  • After that, you will not see any anti-ad blocker messages.

#5 Internet Trick: Bypass URL Shortener

This user script helps you to:

  • Skip countdown ads or continue pages.
  • Prevent ad pop-up windows
  • After that, click on install Lite Edition.
AdBypasser Script

  • Then click the install button.

  • Now enter any shortener link into Google and see the magic.

#6 Internet Tip: Spam Protection – CleanTalk

CleanTalk shields your site from spam. Spam is a typical annoyance for Internet users. In any case, it isn’t simply irritating – these messages may cause considerable damage. While organizations use spam as a modest method of advancement, lawbreakers use it to steal sensitive information. Luckily, there is a fast method to balance the wrongdoers.

How does it work?

  • A visitor writes a comment or registers.
  • The CleanTalk module sends activity parameters to the CleanTalk cloud.
  • Administration examines the parameters.
  • If it’s a spambot, CleanTalk blocks that comment or registration.
  • Parameters are written to the log, which can be seen in the Control Panel administration.

You can find more information on the CleanTalk Website. You can also report IP or Email addresses with spam or other malicious activity from here.

#7 Internet Tip: Download any E-Book for Free

  • Visit Libgen to get any E-Book for free.

#8 Internet Trick: Udemy Courses for Free

Some Udemy Courses:

Navigate to Base64 Decoder to get the Udemy courses link.

Mix Udemy Courses


Linux Books


Biggest Hack Pack


#9 Internet Tip: How to check your Anonymity Level?

  • Go to and check whether you are safe or not.

#10 Internet Hack: All-in-one Hacking stuff

Visit for all types of hacking stuff.

#11 Internet Trick: Best Torrent Sites

  • ThePiratebBay(
  • 1337x (
  • Torlock
  • LimeTorrents(

#12 Internet Tip: Youtube Premium Features For Free

You can access some Youtube Features by connecting VPN to the United States. Install VPN and choose US country and after that open Youtube.

YouTube Premium Meme

#13 Internet Trick: Watch any TV Show/Web Series/Movie for Free

There is a Telegram Group that provides TV-Shows/Web-Series/Movies at user request. Join from here. It is the best telegram group to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Ullu, Altbalaji, Zee5, Eros Now, Hollywood, Chinese, Korean, Hotstar, Disney, Apple TV, Hungama, Voot, Jiocinema, Sony-liv, MX Player, and other ott platforms content for free.

#14 Internet Tip: Check the Social Existence

Using the iamsharan Website social tool you can grab individual or company social account links.

Just click here and see the magic. iamsharan website provides many other services as well. You can access all the services here.

#15 Internet Hack: Create multiple accounts on the Website using the same Email address

Do you know [email protected] and [email protected] are the same Gmail account? If you want to create multiple accounts on the same site, you can use this trick.

Once you register with [email protected] on site, the second time you can use [email protected].


I hope the Internet tips and tricks shared in this article will be very useful to you. For any other information or suggestions, join our channel on Telegram.