The number of image searches has increased rapidly since the inception of Google Images. For this reason, ranking in image searches is crucial. So in this post, We explore How to Optimize Images for SEO and the importance of Image SEO.

Top 5 Steps to Optimize Images for SEO

You can write your article well for search engines, but what for the other elements of your post? Thousands of people search for images every day on Google. It makes image optimization an essential part of SEO.

Top 5 Techniques for Image SEO

If your pictures rank well on image searches, you will also rank higher in all search results. The following steps will explain how to optimize images for SEO:

1. Image CDN

Sometimes our website images take too long to load, so we need Image CDN. By using Image CDN, you can improve the speed of your images and make them responsive for desktops and mobile devices.

Remember that Image CDN is different from Regular CDN. You will find that it helps you increase page load time, deliver better images, and enhance SEO.

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2. Image Sitemap

Image sitemap is crucial for SEO. You can also add images to the sitemap for enhanced performance. The sitemap is a tree structure that records all your website URLs.

You can add images to the existing sitemap or create a separate sitemap for images. The sitemap will help search engines find the pictures more easily.

Image Sitemap
Yoast SEO Plugin automaticly include images in sitemap

3. Image Compression for SEO

The large size of images can slow down your website loading speed. That’s why compression of website images is necessary. You can check your website loading time with the Google Page Speed Insights tool and the GTmetrix tool. With either of these tools, if any of your images take too long to load, you can compress the picture using both the TinyPNG website and WPsmush Plugin.

Keep the image quality intact while compressing it.

Page speed is a crucial factor for SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Thus, reducing the image size can help you rank higher in SERPs.

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4. Image Caption

Our next Image SEO factor is Image Caption. The image caption is essential for search engines to understand your Image. In addition, it also helps Visually Impaired Visitors to understand your Image context. It is always visible below the Image.

5. ALT Text

For Image SEO, Alt Text is crucial. It is known as Alternative Text. Only Search Engines can read Alt Text.

Alt Text is beneficial for the followings:

  1. Visually Impaired Visitors
  2. Search Engines
  3. Web Browsers
  4. Image SEO

Caption and Alt Text are two different things. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, search engines can recognize the Image. But search engines still give priority to Alt Text to understand the photo.

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Last Words on Image SEO

These are the top 5 steps to optimize images for SEO. With the help of the above points, your images ranking will rise. These points can make a positive impact on your website growth.

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