The Dark Web is developing every single day. This unlawful/illegal place on the web sucks, but it’s attracting the youth.  Recently a Dark Web game – the blue whale, was the reason for 100+ suicides. Most importantly, you should know there is a contrast between the Deep web and the dark web.

Let’s begin with the topic of unknown facts of the Dark Web:-

1.) The information size of the Dark Web roughly 48% of the internet. At this time, estimating the Dark Web size is not possible because a lot of stuff is hidden in the dark web.

2.) The only way to access the dark web is with the Tor Browser, available for free at

3.) Many books are available on the dark web that isn’t available on the market due to the ban. Most of these books focus on criminals and lots of illegal things.

4.) You can get the print of stolen credit cards that online thieves utilize for carding.

5.) You can create fake IDs for any nation from the Dark web-like visa etc. It is the most popular service on the dark web at this point.

6.) Every transaction on the Dark Web happened in Bitcoins because it is not trackable. But recently government track numerous Bitcoin exchanges.

7.) The most disturbing thing on the dark web is that you can purchase spirits from Dark Web. These spirits are of aborted and miscarriage children.

8.) Many journalists utilize the dark web when they are against the government or leaking something illegal within the government sector.

9.) Google or any popular web crawler can’t index any page of the dark web. That is the reason that many deep and dark secrets are available on the dark web.

10.) Many people think that why the government isn’t banning the Dark Web, but the hidden truth is that many governments give sponsorship to the Dark Web means the government is running the Dark Web.

11.)  The Dark Web is the base of the Illuminati group. Few people know about Illuminati, It’s a group based on black magic which helps people fulfill their dreams.

12.) Government recruits highly confidential specialists from the Dark Web. The person who discovers and solves a complicated puzzle that any government launches helps them get this recruitment.

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These facts about the Dark Web are captivating. I might personally suggest you that don’t visit the Dark Web because your one terrible move can lead you to the most significant difficulty of your life. There is plenty of JavaScript accessible on the Dark Web, which may put malicious code on your computer and hack everything available on your PC or phone.