There are multiple methods available to delete the Mobikwik account. In this article, we are going to discuss each of them. Also, we will discuss how to remove bank information from the Mobikwik account.

What is Mobikwik?

Mobikwik: Mobikwik is an Indian Payment application. This company found by Bipin Preet Singh and Upasana Taku in 2009. With its digital wallet service, it also offers credit and insurance to retailers and consumers. You can use MobiKwik for money transfer, mobile prepaid recharge, postpaid bill payment, utility bills, electricity bill payments, water bill payments, DTH recharge, and other online transactions. From 2016 onward, they also provide small loans to their users.

Mobikwik Data Breach

8.2 Terabytes of Mobikwik Data Breach on the Dark Web. It contains 3.5 million people’s KYC details. These mass breaches involved 36,099,759 files. Besides, the 8.2 TB data has 99,224,559 user numbers, e-mails, hashed passwords, addresses, bank accounts, and card details.

Recently, Massive data from MobiKwik servers got leaked on the dark web—millions of people were affected by this data leak. This leak data contains sensitive information about users. But the company denies any leak from their server—they said in their blog post.

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The data breach was first highlighted today by white French hacker and security researcher Elliott Anderson via a screenshot on his Twitter account.

Mobikwik Data Breach

How to Check, You’re Safe or Not from Mobikwik Data Breach

Hackers set a portal on the dark web, from where you can check your details are leaked or not. Follow the below steps to check you are safe or not.

  1. Firstly, Download Brave Browser
  2. Then open Private Window
  3. After that, Paste the link into the address bar (http://mobikwikoonux37wauz6oqymshuvebj5u763rutlogc2fb2o3ugcazid.onion/)
  4. Now enter your details to check whether you are safe or not.

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Brave Web Browser Why is it Best?

Which Type of Information Got Leaked?

  • Your Emails
  • Mobile Number’s
  • Your Password (in Hash)
  • Account Creation Date
  • Customer Name
  • Address
  • GPS Location(Accurate)
  • The application’s install on your device
  • Mobile Details
  • Bank Card Details
  • Bank A/C Details

Mobikwik, in a statement, rejects the claim. They say, “Our user and company data is completely safe and secure.”

Indian Security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia had claimed earlier that “11 crore Indian cardholder’s cards’ data including personal details and KYC soft copy (PAN, Aadhaar, etc.) allegedly leaked from the company’s server in India”.

The story is currently ongoing; We’ll update you until we have additional leak information.

Mobikwik Statement Update 30 March: Mobikwik said in their blog post, “their servers do not leak user information those available on Dark web. Maybe hackers access those data from other sources.”

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How to Secure your MobiKwik account?

After the MobiKwik data leak, the first question comes to my mind: “What can we do now?” So below are some steps that you can follow:

  1. Turn off International Transactions
  2. Block your card
  3. Remove all your details from MobiKwik(Like saved card details)
  4. Withdraw your funds.

Withdraw Funds from MobiKwik Account

Before deleting your Mobikwik account withdraw your funds. Follow the below steps for the procedure:

  1. Open MobiKwik Application.
  2. Tap on Pay or Transfer Money.
  3. Click on Bank Transfer.
  4. Enter the information and click on continue.
  5. Enter your pin and click on confirm button.

You can also withdraw funds using the MobiKwik website also.

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Remove Card Details from MobiKwik Account

  1. Open MobiKwik App.
  2. Click on the user icon in the upper-right corner.
  3. Then click on my wallet>saved cards.
  4. Tap on Accounts to view your cards.
  5. Select Remove and then confirm to remove your card.

How to Delete MobiKwik Account?

After the MobiKwik Data Leak, many users want to delete their accounts. But First, Withdraw Funds from Your MobiKwik Account and Remove Card Details from your MobiKwik Account; after that, follow the below methods:

Through App or Website

  1. Open MobiKwik App.
  2. Click on the user icon in the upper-right corner.
  3. Tap on Help under Support & Security.
  4. After that, Select My Account and KYC.
  5. Choose Account Deactivation.
  6. Then click on Delete/Close my account with MobiKwik.
  7. Now a Message will appear on your screen “Did the solution resolve your query?
  8. Select No for that message(step7)
  9. Click on File Ticket.
  10. Now fill out the information and click on submit button.

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Through E-Mail

  1. Login to your Email, Which is connected to your MobiKwik account.
  2. You need to send a mail to
  3. Compose a new email.
  4. Subject: Deactivate Mobikwik Account.
  5. Attach a screenshot of your Account Details with mail.
  6. Send your mail and now wait for a response.

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If you want to ask something, then you can comment below. Stay Safe !!