Hello Guys, today I will provide you 100% working method to create Free Netflix Account. In this method, you don’t need to buy a credit card. We are going to create a Netflix account without Credit Card. This method is known as Netflix IBAN Method.

Free Netflix Account without Credit Card 2020

How To Create Free Netflix Account(IBAN Method)

Step 1: Create a Fresh New Gmail Account.

Step 2: Download a New Browser (Brave & Opera)

Step 3: Open New Browser and log in with the new Gmail Account.

Step 4: Now install VPN Extension in Browser. (Hola & TouchVPN)

Step 5: After the VPN Extension installation, open it and choose Germany country to connect.

Step 6: Now open Netflix.

Step 7: Now Enter Here your new Gmail account that you created in Step 1. and Click on the “Get Started” Button. (as shown in the below image)

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Step 8: After that “Add a Password” And Click on the “Continue” button. (as shown in below image)

best way to get free netflix account

Step 9: Now choose Any plan.

Step 10: Select “Direct Debit” (2nd Option) on the Payment Page.

Step 11: On the Next page Enter Germany’s fake Details. (Generate Fake Details)

Step 12 : In the Last Box enter France IBAN (http://randomiban.com/?country=France)

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IBAN for netflix

Step 13: Enter Fake Mobile Number in next page. You will get the number in the Step 11 Process.

Congrats !!! You Successfully Created Free Netflix Account.


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Conclusion: There are lots of methods to create a Free Netflix Acccount. Above Method is 100% working now. After 1 Month Expiration Repeat the Process to create new free netflix account. Feel free to comment your suggestions and queries.