CCTV Camera Google Dorks are search engine queries that allow you to find online CCTV Cameras. In this post, we list the popular CCTV Google Dorks. You can view live CCTV footage of any camera with Google Dorks.


Disclaimer: This article is only for educational purposes. Do not use this article for criminal purposes.

CCTV Camera Google Dorks

It’s not difficult to hack CCTV cameras. You can access any camera without authentication using Google Dorks. You have to copy the following Google Dorks and search it on Google to get results. If you search for these terms in Google, you will get a list of all websites that displays CCTV footage.

intitle:"Pi-hole-ip" inurl:admin
intitle:"Gargoyle Router Management Utility" -com|net
intitle:"Network Camera" inurl:main.cgi
intitle:"NoVus IP camera" -com
intitle:IP CAMERA Viewer intext:setting | Client setting"
"site:*/cgi-bin/webproc intext:username"
"intext:Security is Off intitle:Namenode information"
"Firmware Version intitle:iLO ProLiant Login -update"
"intitle:rsview32 ext:asp"
"intitle:WSO2 Management Console"
"intitle:Home - Mongo Express"
"inurl:8080/dashboard/ intitle:Dashboard"
"intitle:Marshall VS Server"
"intext:{{szErrorTip}} inurl:/doc/page/login.asp"
"intitle:openshift web console inurl:console inurl:/console"
"inurl:webArch/mainFrame filetype:cgi intext:Web Image Monitor"
inurl:"ViewerFrame?Mode=" //

Why Do People Need CCTV Google Dorks?

People need CCTV Google Dorks to view live footage. If someone can access your home or company CCTV, they can easily spy on you.

Criminals can know your house location and rob your house. Further, they can also harm you and your family members.

For example, Indian famous vlogger Sourav Joshi’s house got robbed because he mentioned in his vlogs that he was venturing out for a few days. The thieves watched the video, got information about his house and took advantage of the situation.


Many people are not accepting the internet of things (IoT) into their homes for privacy reasons. Anything connected to the internet is vulnerable. CCTV cameras are one of them. CCTV cameras and IoT are facing many security challenges.

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What is Dork?

Dork is an advanced search query that refines your result and gives you accurate data.